Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Last Night's Dinner

The lasagna was really, really delicious -- Jason went back for seconds. The butternut squash itself is so rich and creamy, it creates the illusion that the dish is richer and fattier (?) than it really is. I made a couple of changes from the original recipe -- which was, itself, adapted from Everyday Italian's Giada. I used an organic whole milk ricotta instead of the cottage cheese and fat-free half-and-half instead of the regular milk. Definitely a keeper!

Finished The Time-Traveler's Wife last night and cried, as per usual. A good cry, though:) I went to the library today and got a big assortment of goodies. Sherri Tepper's newest, The Margarets; Joy of Cooking's The Art of Home Canning; another Sarah Dessen; City of Oranges about Jews and Arabs living harmoniously in Jaffa; a couple others. I'm really looking forward to a new Sherri Tepper; it's been a while. And, the home canning -- this is my new project. I've wanted to learn canning for quite a while; I'm planning on trying my first experiments this weekend. Will report on progress!

I am right this second debating on whether or not I'm heading to the gym today. I know I should, but the personal trainer kicked my ass yesterday and am very, very sore. Le sigh....will probably head back over there in about an hour because it is Good For Me.

Tonight's dinner:

*Chicken Delmonico (will post recipe after I tinker with it)
*Sliced Tomatoes (which we did not have last night!)
*Spicy Corn Fritters
*the rest of the Wholewheat French

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